Posted by: lalunablanca | March 12, 2007


I do a quick Google and find that there’s nothing to be found in my fair city of Memphis for EarthDay – a mere 5-6 weeks away. I even checked-out with no luck.

A few years back, the Overton Park Shell was the site of the City’s Earth Day celebration, but it’s scheduled to undergo renovation for about a year starting in June. Hmmmm…

Memphis is one of those cities where if you’re up in a building on anything higher than about the 5th floor, your window view is tree tops with an occassional building jutting up here and there. I’ve been here about 20 years and have grown so accustomed to them. A couple of years ago I was out at Monument Valley talking with a Native American who’s reflection of Memphis was, “… all those trees…”.

The ideas are endless for EarthDay. More exhibits, awareness, vendors (with profits going to Renewable Energy Credits). It would seem like a pivotal EarthDay being the first since the big awareness push of 2006.

Wheels spin.


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