Posted by: lalunablanca | November 13, 2007

Internet Talk

Mobile post sent by LaLunaBlanca using Utterz. Replies. mp3

Two services I’m trying out that in someway bridge your cellphone to the Internet: and for blogging:

Simulscribe –
You route your voicemail to them, it sends it back to you as a .wav file and transcribes it into text (ala “dictation” in a way). If it thinks it’s guessing at something it lets you know. Sample output from one of my employees this morning:

Dave. This is (Geri?). My car broke down and my husband had to turn around and come back and get me. So, I’m gonna be about 30 minutes late. Just wanted to call and let you know. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

SimulScribe Voicemail Message#69423875:

(?)= The word is spelled phonetically, usually happens with names and places.
(??)= Sorry, we can’t understand this word or portion of the message.

Although it’s for blogging… and you don’t (or rather didn’t) have time for blogging, it may make some blogging more of a reality. How it works: You call a number, leave a voicemail and it converts your vm into a web ready format and puts it on the web and your blog with a link for downloadable mp3 format. The audio you see above I recorded after typing this blog post. It’s utterly fantastic!



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