Posted by: lalunablanca | November 19, 2007

"Colored" Sunday

Great thoughts, everywhere I turn this weekend:

Chris writes of doing impactful, meaningful projects.

Jeremia asks about the ads or not in Social Networks and the value of not.

Connie shares a wonderful application of sms and spins the proximity marketing/sms wheels, Essential Networking guidelines, and even yummy metrics for Social Networking ROI.

I’m inspired to write on all these.

Completely mind boggling is the perpetuation of racial hatred. My effort on this front is not to specifically eliminate racism, but rather to try and remind people of the many Civil Rights battles of the 50’s and 60’s here in “the South”. I find the predominant southern inclination is to quietly forget about them. This is obscene. Getting more into blogging, I will have to elaborate.

Take a look at this photo I shot in the middle of the night in Birmingham this summer. It’s of a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. looking toward the 16th Street Baptist Church where 4 girls were killed by a KKK bomb blast before church the year I was born. I posted on Flickr, and the FIRST person to comment on the photo called Dr. King a “…nigger…monkeys…”. (click here to the see the photo in Flickr post)I cooled down from being angry, to sad and amazed. It didn’t stop there.

I’ve been on Flickr for almost 3 years and have formed many groups there. I wanted to associated my Dr. King photo with an MLK group on Flickr, BUT there wasn’t one! I could not believe that either! I formed the Martin Luther King Jr group, the Civil Rights group, Emmett Till, Rosa Parks, and others. I then had one of my employees search Flickr for related photos and invite these people to join these related groups and post their photos. Now there are 39 members in the group posting 230 photos.

I hate to say it, but it was a good thing the Jena 6 case made national headlines because of the awareness it created. People can be so hateful sometimes, out of fear, and the lack of understanding the unknown… There’ll be more to say.



  1. After awhile you’ll be composing blog posts & addicted to it. 😉

    Writing is a wonderful process to learn more about yourself.

    I’m just excited that you’re coming to Seattle! That is so awesome!

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