Posted by: lalunablanca | November 20, 2007

All Opt In & Proximity Marketing

I’m pretty happy to live in a world that’s evolving and getting better in many ways.

  • I like that we have innovation, and a means to bring those innovations to market.
  • I like knowing about these innovations and how I might actually like them.
  • I like being profiled to some extent and only having to see ads that pertain to stuff I’m interested in. I don’t want to have to go look to see if there’s something new that might improve the quality of my life, making my short time here more enjoyable.
  • I like it that advertisers seem to get it that I don’t want their ads in my face blocking my view, but rather off to the side, in-case I want to peek (sometimes I do…usually, I don’t see ads).
  • I like it that advertisers seem to learn from their mistakes. I don’t mind mistakes and learning. I do it all them both all the time.
  • I love how Social Media is giving volume to the Voice of the Customer (VOC).

I believe a nice blend of VOC and targeted traditional advertising is where we’ll wind-up.

Proximity Marketing
I long for the day when we slide our Treo/Blackberry type phones into their cradles in our vehicles. Aside from many countless other things it’ll do, I see the immediate payoff in connecting with:
– Our global position
– Our own preferences data
– Other consumers’ experience data (feedback)
– Voice recognition for hands-off device control
– Voice-to-Text
– Text-to-Voice
– Real-time drive-through-put monitoring
– Smart Marketers
(the “plus” version would have a heads-up display out of our line of sight)

This way before I sms (via voice) my order to Starbucks, I’ll be told through my car stereo that:
– three blocks ahead is a Peetes coffee with
– carrot cake special at $1.50 with only 25% calories from fat
– that I can add to my coffee that I normally get at Starbucks for the same price
– and that my expected wait time is 65 seconds if I say “yes” now.

The process we call a “drive thru” will actually be one, instead of a “wait thru”, “smog thru”, or “waste thru”. You’re either using the sms service or parking your car (“pal“).

Of course with all this advertising, my phone should be free, and I’m somehow charged for the coffee transaction without having to dig out cash or credit card.

It’ll happen. Now would be great! (and if my copy of Now is Gone would just get here, that’d be even greater!)


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