Posted by: lalunablanca | November 24, 2007

Twitted Life

I’m amazed at the utility of the distractions served up all day on Twitter. Following Tweets, I get a zig and zag on the following in the last couple of hours:

CBensen to after a Twitter outtage
then to MindMapping (which I knew as Ygnius years ago). Ooops. need to log in – erg.

JOWYang to his interview of MySpaces “Jay” who has a quote that tosses me out to Danah Boyd how has written a couple of papers as she’s working on PHd . One of the papers has some definitions of SNS and how that term is polluted to include Social Networking. Ooops. I’ve been polluting. A paper in the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

ChrisBrogan to WebWorkerDaily’s new site. zagged off to AT&T (booo!) and their recall of telecommuters to the cube!! Oh boy.

JOwYang to a podcast by where I hear the term “swag” for the second time this week. Swag is promotional items (pencils, mousepads, hats, frisbees, etc…)



  1. I’ve heard of SWAG as an acronym for “Stuff We All Get” – and then end up throwing most of it away a few weeks later!

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