Posted by: lalunablanca | December 14, 2007

B2B Marketing – WCF07

Last week, I stumbled upon an opportunity to speak at an unconference session with Mari Smith about B2B Marketing in Social Media. These are my abridged notes for a slide deck.

At this early stage of the game, we must be Social Media Evangelists as well as Enablers and Practitioners.

Many of the same arguments by business to resist the Web are also afoot to resist Social Media.

It’s The New Paradigm, but more exposing than ever.

Where to Start Now:

  • Use “Social Media / Web 2.0 to Engage your existing Clients. Do not jump in trying to gain market share.
  • New clients will come. Get engagement with existing first, listen, consequently evolve and let your clients evangelize for you.
  • Your social networking engagement will become a selling point in your traditional sales process.

The Approach for us Early Adopters/Enablers:

  • Evangelize Social Media and where possible, help your audience evangelize as well. Remember in 1995 the resistance notion of “why should my biz by there? My competition isn’t, and neither are my other business buddies…”
  • Use Micromedia to engage via video, screen cast, audio, and guest speaking
  • Keep your training materials generic enough for the audience to repurpose.
  • Date the materials and chapterize them for ease of update (as every social network seems to have new features daily).

Networks to Consider

Facebook to Ning

Facebook for more casual, cocktail hour-type networking with light group features. Use Facebook to get constituent market to the door, and invite them in with Ning. Evolve to Ning for more serious collaborative needs. Beyond that are the 20-100k white label solutions.

Use Facebook for light feedback discussion, take the meat into Ning where you can more easily post documents, audio, video, customize, and use I-Frames.

Paid options in Ning to un-Ningify it, use your own ads, domain, and set privacy settings.

When Facebook sucks Ning in, you’ll be all set – risk free. Ning is well supported and part of Open Social.

What about LinkedIn?

  • It is a great place to make contacts, and get expert info on questions, and establish yourself as an expert resource in your space.
  • LinkedIn is a great place for those doing business resembling an independent agent or consultant.
  • LinkedIn is too often mistaken as a job network. Look again!
  • Look at LinkedIn’s ANSWERS and get answers! Post answers and gain recognition for your expertise.
  • It’s the ultimate “not what you know, but who you know”.
  • People really do like to be helpful sometimes (Sadly, I see people look at me strange when I say this).

We are living in a BETA WORLD!

I don’t know how many times I saw a presenter say something at the conference and it was already old news. Walah! Yesterday LinkedIn made a major update and opened some development doors.

This is not catch a “wave”, not even a “Tidal Wave”.

This is a Tsunami!


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