Posted by: lalunablanca | December 23, 2007

Senior Teens

I’m inspired to write this particular post after reading Connie Bensen’s post Teens Using Social Media and the link she included to PEW’s recent study on the subject.

Our 18 Year Old Employee
Our newest employee is an 18yearold gent that’s taking a year off from high school before attending college. He ultimately wants to be an Oral Surgeon. His dad has been at the same company for over 30 years (my eyes still pop-out on that tid bit). Being a Digital Native, he’s been a real source of direct information on how his generation uses the Web & Social Media. He thinks he started using the Web in the 4th grade (but claims it may have been the 3rd, or maybe the 5th). He’s getting paid to research things on Facebook using his “corporate” profile. Of his “personal” profile, I’ve only seen his profile photo holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. He’s smart enough to keep the rest of it private to friends only (for that, I give him credit for not being a knucklehead). I asked him what his personal draw to Facebook was and his immediate reply was:

  • “Tagging”
  • Seeing what friends are up to

I inquired about “Tagging” and he’s referring to the FB feature where you see where you’ve been “tagged” on a photo or where you can “tag” your friends. He claims must of his buds, especially the girls, have digital cameras or phonecams and they shoot photos of each other doing pretty near everything, post it, and tag it. “Tag me” is a very popular phrase.

At first I thought this odd, then I recalled going to restaurants as a kid, and some dude walking by, snapping a photo, and showing up before the meal was over with a 8×10 Black & White glossy asking $5 for the print. People love to look at pictures (I’m the worst and spend hours clicking through Flickr).

I asked him to give more thought to why he uses Facebook and maybe even ask a few buddies for their thoughts. List at the bottom of this post.

Reasons Why Our 18 Year Old Employee Uses Facebook (verbatim)

  • You can have open discussions with friends, and other people can see what you are up to.
  • You can have as many pictures as you want on your page.
  • To have pictures of yourself you do not have to upload them, other people can and then tag you.
  • If you don’t like the pictures you can un-tag them.
  • You can create events and invite only the people you want to come.
  • You can create groups and try to build them up.
  • You have the option of joining networks; you can have more than one.
  • You can look at everyone else’s pictures and make comments on them.
  • You also have private messaging so if you need to say something secret you can send a message.
  • You can search for a friend by typing their name and automatically they start to show before you finish the name.
  • There are a lot of applications that you can play around with.
  • Find old friends and new friends on their.
  • You can actually almost build a relationship with someone online.
  • You can keep in touch with friends that you do not see or hang out with often. Also keep up with friends who live elsewhere.
  • You can use the marketplace to buy things you want, or to sell the things you don’t want; also locals can buy it.
  • You can keep your friends updated on what you are doing with the status update.
  • To put a face to a name, you might hear someone’s name and can’t remember who they are, so search for them.


  1. Isn’t it amazing how intuitively they utilize the various features of Facebook? There is so much to learn by observing them!

    You’ve garnered a considerable list from your young man. He will be a wealth of information.

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