Posted by: lalunablanca | March 26, 2008

Social Media Conversations Today

In strategy development for LunaWeb, I spend a lot of time discovering the client and their goals. Today, we had a 3 hour (actually 3:10) discovery meeting that some would categorize as a “sales call”. I thoroughly enjoy most of these types of meetings as there’s so much to learn about a client, their goals, corporate culture, and challenges – it is very intriguing. There were a couple of significant points in today’s discussion.

Investor Perceived Value of Engaging your Market in Conversation
Definitely within the next 5 years, a major audience of an organization’s conversation with it’s market will be potential investors. Investors will come to know the value of this conversation and it’s relation to the potential return on their investment. It will simply be known – a fact. These investors probably will not be participating in the conversation, but will want to know that it is happening, that the organization is listening to the voice of the customer, and that the organization is engaged with their market. (Take a look at what Connie Bensen is doing at ACDSee and you’ll immediately recognize the “competitive edge” she’s bringing to her organization.)

Dichotomy of Rich/Personal Media -vs- Less Engaged Real Life
Of it all being about the “relationship”, one person in the meeting pointed out that in numerous situations, people are more involved in the virtual realm of relationships than they are with the real life humans around them. I see this frequently. I see the different side of the coin also in that (depending on the people), they may relate and extend online experiences and conversations over into offline face-to-face conversations. There’s so much coming at us these days, that I sometimes forget if I heard something online or off.
Jeremiah Owyang posts tonight about the unmanageable amount of email coming at us. To which, Wayne Sutton replies that he’s hearing this more from the A-List bloggers and a solution is on the way. All of this and no doubt many of us overwhelmed with communications are labeled as poor communicators.
Occassionally, there are situations where online is robbing our experiences from the offline, but I’m seeing this increasingly evolve into an augmentation of both into one unified life experience. Maybe it’s a function of personality, or perhaps experience in the medium.

In any case, there were several thought provoking divergences in the conversation today. These were two I felt compelled to share. Cheers to us all in these wonderful times with such powerful tools. I feel that neural society coming on like a storm.



  1. Thanks Dave for the call out! I certainly enjoy spreading the news of our products & answering questions.

  2. And yes, ACDSee has an uploader for Flickr built into it. And when you tag photos in ACDSee (add keywords) – they are put into Flickr too. For example you could label photos London, vacation – and those tags would automatically be listed in Flickr.

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