Posted by: lalunablanca | June 14, 2008

Speaking through June 2008

From time to time I’m asked about where/what I’ve spoken about. Here’s where I’ve been since December ’07:

·         Community Development in the Age of Facebook – December 2007 Seattle, WA:
Social Networking for B2B applications. Co-presented with Mari Smith.


·         Presented 3 LunaVersity classes—February 2008:

Germantown, TN

o        Social Media—What is it and How Can it Benefit Your Organization?

o        For clients

o        For non-profits

o        For-profits


·         Society of Entrepreneurs—February 2008:

Memphis, TN

o        Social Media—Join the Conversation

o        For local entrepreneurs


·         ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—March 2008

Memphis, TN

o        Social Media Presentation


·         Association of Realtors—May 2008:

Memphis, TN

o        What is Social Media?

o        For local real estate agents


·         Social Media Breakfast—June 2008:

Memphis, TN

o        How Can Small Businesses Utilize Social Media?

o        For social media enthusiasts and newbies


·         Public Relations Society of America—June 2008:

Memphis, TN

o        Social Media to Benefit Your Organization

o        Local Public Relations professionals

·         ITT Technical Institute Commencement Speaker—June 2008:

Memphis, TN

o        Commencement Speaker to Graduationg Class


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