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Jeremiah Owyang at WCF07

Jeremiah Owyang

There are times in Social spheres that the “stars line up” and things click magically. Although this happens for me frequently, and everytime I tell myself it’s blogable, but I don’t get around to it. Tonight is too good to pass up.

This is the tale of how I’m introduced to the most killer keyword tool I’ve seen in a while (as the last best one has been offline now for many months: aka the “goto suggestion tool”).

In December 2007 I attended and ultimately presented at a Facebook conference in Seattle where I met Jeremiah Owyang and Connie Bensen (who turned me on (pushed me) to twitter a couple of months earlier). A few days later, Jeremiah published his now famous “Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter” blog post wherein he invited people to post their thoughts on twitter, their handles, and encouraged people to connect with each other. Many peoples online Social lives would never be the same.
Through Jeremiah’s encouraged connections, I met San Diegan @JBruin who met in-person at SXSW in March. Jenn’s tweets about a TweetUp in San Diego led me to Nate Ritter who I followed on Twitter @NateRitter. I’ve had a few tweet exchanges with Nate since.


Consequently in a session where Jeremiah was a panelist.

Earlier tonight I was on LinkedIn looking at their Answers and ran into a question about preferred Keyword Research Tools. I was looking at answers as I’m pretty interested in this topic for SEO and ad development.

Later in the evening, I tweeted a question about how many different online communication venues do you use? Nate answered my tweet. I went to his profile, I see a tweet about a blog post, I clicked and wound-up on his blog staring at Google’s new tool called Insights that is still in Beta. Oh joy! Not only was this something I was looking for. It exactly answered the question I read an hour earlier on LinkedIn.

There we go.

  • I then answered the question on LinkedIn and included link to Nate’s blog post.
  • I posted a response on Nate’s blog post with a link back to LinkedIn.
  • I tweeted a kudo to Nate back on Twitter.

All that and I’m grateful to now have access to a very cool and HELPful utility that Google is creating, but that we can start using tomorrow. I’ve shared the link with a couple of my friends that I know do this thing. They’ll be grateful and hopefully remember me next time they stumble on something.

That’s how it works. It’s this very type of activity that is lending new meaning to “it’s not what you know, but also who you know”

Calling it a day…



  1. Great post! thanks…


  2. Gotta love the social web. Some think it’s a time suck, and for them it is. For me, it sucks time because it’s AWESOME! 🙂

    Happy I could help. Thanks for the links and kind words. You’re rad (yes, the 80’s butt-rock, big hair, spandex-wearing “rad”).

  3. I’m really glad we had the chance to connect. Maybe you can make it to Diego for one our tweetups sometime???

  4. Dave that is such a not so flattering photo! LOL take it down.

    It was great connecting with you too! You were the podcast man. I’m glad that you warmed up to Twitter!


  5. Aw. I liked that photo. Had that ‘Connie is leading a mantra’ feeling. Summon the great social spirits to the community kind of thing. Poof, it’s gone. 🙂 I see that link

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