Posted by: lalunablanca | August 10, 2008

Twitter Answer on LinkedIn

I spent a little time yesterday answering this question on LinkedIn and thought today to add it here:

Do You Twitter? Personal or Professional? How often do you Update?


Outside of Amarillo Texas is Cadillac Ranch where there are 8 Cadillacs set out to pasture for the community to spray paint to their hearts content. "twitter" is no doubt under dozens of layers of paint now.

You’ll either be drawn in, or it won’t speak to you at all. As the number of people you tweet with grows, your experience will change tremendously.

I tweet both pro & personal happenings. My frequency of tweets comes and goes depending on how chaotic things are and if I’m in a situation where tweeting is appropriate. At least daily though.

– Breaking News (unbeatable)
– Researching sites, professional, happenings
– Camaraderie for people in geography, and profession
– Feedback and Answers much like here on LinkedIn
– Expert advice and pointers

Also, don’t forget to use (link below). Look on the right panel of the page and see the most popular phrases being discussed at that moment.

Additionally, because of Twitter’s popularity there are MANY other spin off sites that make the Twitter experience even better.

It also gives you the opportunity to help other people.

I just tweeted about this question here in LinkedIn (see URL below). Speaking of which, I also use Twitter to find people I connect with here on LinkedIn. As of moment ago Ben, I’m following you there as well.



———end of LinkedIn post——

In hindsight, I should have included a link to the 3rd party apps. Here are two:

Great site with an exhaustive list of Apps

and the official twitter downloads page

twitter downloads

Official Twitter Downloads Page

What did I miss here (tons I’m sure)?  Tell me.


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