Posted by: lalunablanca | August 14, 2008

Social Media Breakfast Memphis #5

Last Wednesday morning at around 7:30, I had the honor to meet with about a dozen other social media enthusiasts / practitioners and talk social shop. Of all the breakfasts, this one seemed to click in its own unique way. I haven’t identified exactly what that was yet.

The location was more intimate as Mantia’s is a small multi-tasked enterprise of an international foods store, cooking classroom, wine tasting, cozy restaurant, the also caters, has free wifi (and Alyce has her very own Blog, and a fairly regular column in the Commercial Appeal).

The discussions were rich. Some threshold was achieved from the topics, the people, the mood. It just flowed.

Beth has been recent regular and we go back to Twitter and as far as I know, Memphis’ very first TweetUp.

Carolyn is a long time twitterer and has is current sharing some losses 😉 and being inspirational.

Debbie has been a regular SMB attendee since the first event. In the last couple of weeks, Debbie and I have attended the same three networking events that I know of.

Bob ‘One Half Amazing‘ Hazlett has also been there since the beginning. I had the opportunity to work with Bob at LaunchMemphis‘ StartUp Weekend at the end of May.

Justin McGregor there since SMB #1 presented a special version of “Introducing RSS – Reading Twice as Much in Half the Time”. This was a great presentation that spelled out RSS and some easy ways to consume it. Of mention were and and how to spot rss availability and a reference to CommonCraft’s RSS video. Also from Southwest Tennessee Community College and as frequent, Joan McGrory.

We met first-timers Dan, Lisa, and Eric. Dan has a blog here while Lisa and Eric are relatively new to social media.

Maurrean, Blake, and Brigette were instrumental and resourceful in bringing it together.

Looking back at the meeting, the people attending and participating make it magic and add great value.  So many interesting sites being utilized by some of the most inquisitive and unselfish people getting together once a month to share findings makes us all enlightened by the experience. Some of walk away like we’ve been on a shopping spree and a basket full of more things than we have time to indulge.

What about the people that show up and no nothing about “social”? They bring their interest. This bring the opportunity for others to be helpful and encouraging – you can watch it happen, every single time.  People who use social media are people people, AND they love to be helpful and share what they know.

Whatever it is, is a whole lot of rewarding fun and I’ve been most fortunate to be a part in it with everyone there.


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