Posted by: lalunablanca | October 5, 2008

Quo Blow

I see Seth’s point about Google’s venture off into television commercials differently.  In his post, Look for the guy with a hammer, Seth is saying that Google’s new form of marketing (TV) will cause them to create a different product set than what has already been successful (great products that spread virally).

Google’s strategy could clearly be to use the TV to let those viewers know what great products have already been wildly and virally successful online. The commercials don’t need to be of the current genre at all. The commercials can let us know very basic product information, but then tout it’s acceptance by the online (susceptable-to-viral-successes) hipster crowd.

“In ten months, our XYZ has been installed and used by 1.2 million .com hipster types to be more efficient at work. If you’re ready to check it out, go here and watch our 5 minute video.”

In this, I am saying that Google’s existing target market extends beyond the “conversation” where virality lives.  In that, they won’t compromise their niche.

The Quo Blows !
Is Seth’s post stating that Google might compromise their niche by not adhering to the status quo?

Although I wish Google would trip over its enormous ego, I’m guessing they’ve got some smart, unique, plans for the TV.

Don’t you think?


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