Posted by: lalunablanca | November 19, 2008

BarCamp Memphis Perspective

It’s been 11 days since BarCamp and I’m still catching up.
It’s part of a wonderful community to be in and engrossed by.

As it turns-out, having a BarCamp summons more inspiration than you’ll initially budget for. There are too many “thank you’s” to completely attribute the character of the gathering that was our BarCamp.

BarCamp is Gratifying – w00t!
The participatory nature of BarCamp brings a unique gratification of connectedness, camaraderie, discovery, openness, and sometimes acceptance.

The Spirit of BarCamp
I was able to share three fundamental concepts I relate to the spirit of BarCamp:
1. We are all richer at the end of the day through sharing our expertise and selves with our community rather than through greed and self-centeredness.
2. We are “the change” as borrowed from Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world“.
3. We become not only part of the BarCamp Memphis community, but also part of the global BarCamp community.

Hearty thanks to the Planners and the Sponsors for facilitating it. True.

What was most special were all 90 or so people that made it. In this, I am most thankful to the other attendees and their people.

You rock and should freely regard yourselves as plankowners of an expeditionary voyage. Crewmembers, if you will, of the proverbial train that’s left the station.
Blue Skies!



Hat tips to LaunchMemphis, Geoff Livingston, Sara Lacy, Eric Mathews, Bob Hazlett, Daniel Pritchett, and Andy Glover


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