Posted by: lalunablanca | December 20, 2008

Nashville GeekBreakfast


I’ve been seeing tweets for a year about Nashville’s Geek Breakfast. I didn’t know until recently that Dave Delaney got it started and was actually celebrating their one year Anniversary on 12/18. I had to go.

I had also seen many tweets about heading to “Noshville” and thought that this was just slang for Nashville. It’s a real place, and evidently the home of the GeekBreakfast.

Agenda for the GeekBreakfast: Visit, eat, visit, meet, visit, visit, leave (something like that).

Very nice folks one and all. Congratulations to all these great folks that are part of an admirable Nashville community conversation. And congratulations to Dave Delaney that started this and has inspired so many others (myself included) who have in-turn inspired others. Somewhere in all this is Marcus Whitney too, one of the warmest smiles in the conversation.

Real quick mentions:

Guy on the very left in the photo is Nathan Ketsdever. If you ever talk to Nathan, bring paper and pen. This dude knows a TON of stuff and will roll it at you like a Tsunami. I must video Nathan next time.

Next to Nathan is Mitch “Studio Nashvegas” who is a nationally recognized WordPress guru. He speaks at many ___camps and it was a privilege to have him out at BarCampMemphis.

Great seeing Gavin and Erin Richardson again since BarCampNashville2.

Looking forward to further collaborative event conversations with Elle and Elin. With Scott Maentz rolling in the East, who knows, maybe we could get the whole state talking.

Cheers folks!


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