Posted by: lalunablanca | December 29, 2008

Twitter – Follow Policy / Criteria

Twitter is going mainstream in a hyper accelerated way.
Twitter A great number of us are getting bombarded with followers and I see classic mistakes being made by well meaning people just about daily every few hours.  So, we’re all having to get pretty quick with determining if we’ll follow back; that being having a “follow policy” or criteria used to reciprocate a follow.  I wouldn’t recommend just blindly following anybody back. You needn’t feel obligated to. In fact, I’m writing this post to send some people to that I am NOT following back so that they’ll know why.

Here’s my Follow Policy:
– Twitter sends me an email stating you’re following me.
– I click the link and look at your profile (what you get at )
– On that page, I look at in this order:
Photo, Location, Updates, Profile, Following, Followers.

I’ll immediately follow you if:
– I know you
– You’re in Memphis, TN area

I’ll immediately almost disregard you if:
– I suspect you’re an automated bot
– You have only a few tweets but are following hundreds with only a few following you back. I suspect your motive or approach is wrong and that you’re not actually here for a conversation, but rather for followers
– Call yourself a guru, expert, ___ rockstar etc… in any tech/web/social media field as I feel these folks generally need additional humbling.

Pass that initial cut, then I’m looking at your tweets themselves:
– Are they mixture of your own tweets balanced with @ replies (you have stuff to offer on your own, and you participate in the conversation)? This is a visual pass. Don’t even have to read them at this point.
– Are the tweets of interest to me and not pure promotional like “visit my blog at http….” (I cringe when I see this).

Other notes:

I do not send “thanks for the follow” tweets, nor automated responses (see Chris Brogan‘s post on this yesterday).

If I follow you, I will not be happy with a “thanks for following me and visit my site at ___“. I don’t recommend auto tweeting anything (and see this more and more).

When Twitter cleaned the gutters here recently of bots and spammers, I was happy to only have lost less than 3% (as that let me know that I’ve been doing an OK job filtering the junk accounts).

Helpful twitter info (and you can count on differing opinions):

If you’re in Memphis and want to be found by other tweeters, add yourself here and if you’re tweeting as a business or organization please use this page .

I’m at .

See you in the conversation!



  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the plug and offering up some good tips on a follow policy. As a thanks I’ll go ahead and send some of this Chicago snow your way to Memphis! Cheers, -Scott

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