Posted by: lalunablanca | February 9, 2009

Splitting Tweets

Today being a Full Moon is a great day for a change. An evolution. My twitter experience has evolved since my very first tweet (thank you Connie Bensen) in the early Fall of 2007.

I feel it’s a good time to now split my tweets to have professional & personal. This is fairly common practice with blogs and not yet as common in Twitter, but it seems to make good sense to me. So, here’s how I’m splitting it:

Professional related tweets without the mundane day-to-day tweets.

Personal, mundane, rants, and “unprofessional” 🙂  tweets. I may make an experimental post that appears work related here as well. I am curious and experiment from time to time.

Of course, people can subscribe to both. I don’t plan on double posting (but if it’s something earth shattering, all bets are off).

The Twitter clients I use are:
Hootsuite for the desktop

Tweetie on the iPhone.

See you out there! and have an awesome Full Moon. (right now!)

What do you think about this approach?


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