Posted by: lalunablanca | March 11, 2009

Oh yea… Golly. We’re trying that social stuff.

In the Buzz Bin‘s March 10’th post on “Reallocating Marketing Resources“, Geoff Livingston brings up several common objections to social media, primarily swayed toward cost justification and ROI.  It’s a great post with reference links to sources of facts to be considered (such as people preferring social over email, customer review preferences, etc).

I spent a little bit of time (and these days, “any” is tough to come by) putting together a response and I wanted to restate it here:


If history repeats itself, we’ll see many deny their Social Successes for as long as they’re able to. This will keep their competition out of the space, allow them more penetration, and keep costs down. In my 14 years in the Web industry, we’ve seen it with classic websites, seo, ppc, and email marketing.

I say let’s quit trying to publicly quantify it all, allow those that BELIEVE in social (on pure faith) to make strides past traditional thinkers. Let’s have those that find the merits of social self-evident, those that believe this is how business should be done, leapfrog the naysayers and rock on… into the sunset, with their fans. Thus, seizing the days until the non-believers get a clue.

Seriously, would you rather work in an industry where a social media mindset prevails, or some mechanized Chaplin’esque existence that no longer belongs anywhere but the Twilight Zone. Let the good guys gain some ground!

Now back to getting ready for sx. I’m road tripping it this year and the morning’s winter weather advisory has me worried about staying on schedule. I enjoy driving, but not in sleet.


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