Posted by: lalunablanca | September 21, 2008

101 Social with Liz Lemmonds

Liz Lemmonds

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In mid-September, Liz Lemmonds and I gave a “101” primer presentation on Social Media to interested Arts Memphis organizations. The presentation was a dialogue between the two of us as we relayed the function and strategy of tools like: Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Utterz, Blogs, SMS, and Chat. Although I’ve been giving talks like this all year, it was great to work with Liz in developing the presentation and the slide deck.

As the year goes on, more hands are going up for question like, “How many here are on: Facebook, Twitter or heard of Twitter”.
About half had heard of twitter, 25% Facebook, and maybe 20% were actually on twitter.

Because the “arts” people tend to have their “community” hats on more often, they are very quick to catch-on to the value of social media and it’s significance.

Similar to other community related organizations, they rely on support from direct ticket sales and cash donations from new and existing supporters. Additionally, as with commercial enterprise, they have may have some internal operational cost benefits from using social tools as well.


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